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    The entire Skin Essence Organics line is 20% off until January 27th! If you have been contemplating making the switch to cleaner and safer skin care, this is the perfect time to buy. The facial in the jar, your choice of cleanser and moisturizer would be my pick if you are starting out, but you have the freedom to pick…

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    Straws, straws, straws on SALE now! Are you a smoothie drinker? We’ve got a straw for that. Do you love bubble tea? We’ve got a straw for that. Do you want a straw that you can take on the go? Yep, we’ve got a portable straw and case. Bent straws, straight straws, long straws, short straws, bubble tea straws, smoothie…

  • The Fight Against Waste

    Resolutions for 2020

    The New Year is here and most of us are thinking about resolutions and changes. We want to feel better, look better and maybe even do better this year.  Studies show that in order to make a resolution stick, we need to start small with changes that we think we can keep. Instead of just pledging to go to bed…

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