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    Beeswax Wraps

    Beeswax food wraps not only reduce plastic waste but produce waste as well because they breathe! They are a natural alternative to plastic wrap, can be used time and time again (approximately 1 year) and when they have reached the end of their life, they can be composted and will return to the earth without a trace! We’ve got the…

  • Featured Products

    Return of the Safety Razor

    Safety razors are making a come back! They are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic disposable razors that are tossed into the garbage every day. They may seem intimidating to use at first, but honestly you have nothing to fear. Just use the same care and concern as you do with your plastic disposables and you have nothing…

  • The Fight Against Waste

    Make Your Own – Dry Shampoo

    Let’s be honest, dry shampoo has changed our lives. Being able to skip washing our hair for an extra day or two, without feeling greasy, is a dream come true. The trouble is that most of the dry shampoos on the market are loaded with toxic ingredients and they are packaged in plastic (ugh!), so what is a person to…