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The Fight Against Waste

Ask Supermarkets to ‘Ditch’ Single Use Plastic

Have you seen the petition from Greenpeace Canada asking supermarkets to ditch single use plastic packaging? It’s been circulating and last time I checked it had over 160,000 signatures. As noted on their site “Canada generates 3.25 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly – the equivalent weight of over 140,000 full garbage trucks!”  If you are mindful of the amount of plastic packaging you bring into your home, you know it’s almost impossible to avoid plastics in the grocery store! It’s time Canada’s major supermarkets take real action to address this issue.As Greenpeace Canada notes “by ditching single-use plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to help lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced. From seabirds eating bottle caps to whales with stomachs full of plastic bags, the effects of plastic pollution can be devastating”. Sign the petition below and ask Canada’s major supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging.