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Lemon-Rosemary Cleaner

Once you’ve discovered the effectiveness of a good DIY natural cleaner you wouldn’t settle for the toxic, chemical filled, cleaners that are costly and packaged in plastic. Here’s an effective DIY all purpose cleaner that gets the job done! The sprigs of rosemary are also appealing to the eye in the glass bottle.

Ingredients: Peels from 2 Lemons, 2 Sprigs of Rosemary, 2 Cups of Distilled Water, 2 Cups of White Vinegar.

Directions: In a 1 litre mason jar combine rosemary, lemon peels, water and vinegar. Allow to rest 10-14 days in a cool location to allow oils to infuse.  You can either strain the peels and rosemary before putting the cleaner into the bottle or you can add them to the spray bottle to intensify the cleaner.

Tips: You can substitute the lemon peels for other citrus peels like orange or grapefruit. Citrus cleaners shouldn’t be used on porous surfaces because of the acidity.

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