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The entire Skin Essence Organics line is 20% off until January 27th! If you have been contemplating making the switch to cleaner and safer skin care, this is the perfect time to buy. The facial in the jar, your choice of cleanser and moisturizer would be my pick if you are starting out, but you have the freedom to pick whatever three you’d like! Skin Essence was developed almost 30 years ago with a mission to formulate premium organic products that offer the purest and most beneficial results. The entire line of products is derived SOLELY from a wide variety of plant, fruit and flower extracts, essential oils and minerals. To ensure the key ingredients are delivered in the most beneficial, natural, and nutritionally-rich state, Skin Essence carefully extracts these ingredients by using a cold pressed method. Heat processes can compromise the integrity of the ingredients, resulting in the loss of vital nutrients. There are ZERO additives, chemicals or water – just the good stuff! The  products are packaged in non-toxic amber glass without plastic labels and the boxes are printed with vegetable ink. Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Zero Fillers, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free and Made in Canada! Check out the full line of products here