Tips to Reduce Waste


Here are 10 reasons why clothes lines are a great addition to your low waste life:

10. It will save you money.⁣
Skipping the dryer will help you save $ on your hydro bill.

9. It is gentler on clothing.⁣
The dryer can be hard on fabrics with all the tumbling, heat and friction.⁣

8. The smell of ‘fresh’!⁣
Is there anything on earth that smells better then sheets that have been blowing in the wind on the line?! I think not.⁣

7. It saves energy.⁣
In most homes, the dryer is the third most energy consuming appliance.⁣

6. It helps whiten your whites.⁣
Sunlight acts like a natural bleach. It helps to kill bacteria and lighten stains. When I was using cloth diapers with my babes, there was nothing that would lighten the stains, and remove odours, like sunlight and fresh air could!

5. It keeps your house from heating up. ⁣
If you use an air conditioner in the summer, it will have to work even harder to keep your house cool when the dryer is running.

4. Fresh air helps remove stubborn odours from fabric. See number 6 for my cloth diaper story!⁣

3. It saves time.⁣
If you’ve got your clothes on the line you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. I also find that I’m more likely to fold the clothes as they come off the line then I am pulling them out of the dryer.⁣ ⁣

2. ⁣There are no greenhouse gas emissions from using a clothes line! ⁣

1. One small step makes a big difference!

If you live in a city you may be wondering if a clothes line is even an option. Consider using a drying rack in your back yard or even stringing up a clothes line in your laundry room. In the winter I would put a drying rack in front of the window, in the sunlight, to harness the sun’s power to dry and lighten.⁣