About Us

TWIG is an online eco-boutique that will assist you in reducing everyday waste like single use plastics. TWIG stands for Time Waste Is Gone. Our mission is to offer earth friendly alternatives for low waste living. We realize that not everyone wants to make drastic changes to their lifestyle habits, but we believe that everyone can start somewhere. TWIG was born out of the belief that if we change even one wasteful habit, we can make a difference. One small change, can lead to another, which can lead to big results.

A twig is a small thin branch of a tree; it signifies growth. To us this image reflects the idea that we can all make changes to our lifestyle that will have a larger impact. We can all grow, we can all make a difference. There is no denying that our lifestyle habits, which are often wasteful, are negatively impacting our planet. We all have to be part of the solution when it comes to protecting and preserving our earth and its systems.

The truth is living a low waste life isn’t just about swapping out commercial shampoos for a shampoo bar and ditching plastic bags for reusable ones. You can begin to live a low waste life without buying a thing! Start composting, borrow before buying, menu plan to avoid food waste, reuse and repair what you already have, turn off the lights when you leave the room,  and hang your clothes to dry on the line. Begin today.

When you shop at TWIG you are not only supporting this small female-led business but many local makers, entrepreneurs and creatives whose products we are proud to carry! We are members of Ontario Made, Random Acts of Green and we are proud to be powered by Bullfrog Power which makes sure that the electricity that is being put on the grid on our behalf is from renewable resources.

TWIG is co-founded by Lindsay Bechamp and Sandra Borutski and products are shipped from Carleton Place, Ontario.