About Us

TWIG is an online store that will assist you in reducing every day waste like single use plastics. TWIG stands for Time Waste Is Gone. Our mission is to offer eco-friendly alternatives for waste-less living. We realize that not everyone wants to make drastic changes to their lifestyle habits, but we believe that everyone can start somewhere. A small change, can lead to another small change, which can lead to big results.

A twig is a small thin branch of a tree or a shoot; it signifies growth. To us this image reflects the idea that we can all make changes in our lifestyle that will have a larger impact. There is no denying that our lifestyle habits, which are often wasteful, are negatively impacting our planet. We all have to be part of the solution when it comes to protecting and preserving our earth and its systems.

TWIG is co-founded by Lindsay Bechamp and Sandra Borutski and products are shipped from Carleton Place, Ontario.