Arctic Rose & Cranberry Beeswax Candle


This Lavender, wild rose and cranberry beeswax candle has a beautiful, mild scent that helps relax the mind and body.  This candle provides a perfect ending to a hectic week! It contains a FSC certified wooden wick that offers a campfire like crackle as it burns. This candle is handmade in small batches at Laughin Lichen’s “off-the-grid” wilderness facility located in the Northwest Territories. The beeswax they use is sourced from a family run apiary in northern Alberta. This candle is made using pure organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender flowers, hand foraged wild arctic rose petals and wild cranberries. Packaged in a lovely frosted glass jar with a bamboo lid. Repurpose this jar for planting herbs! This candle has a 30 + hours burn time.  Did you know that beeswax burns for longer than most standard paraffin and soy candles?

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This candle is infused with pure organic Lavender essential oil as well as botanical extracts from wild arctic roses, wild lingon berry/cranberries, and organic lavender. Pure beeswax candles are free of the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are released when soy or paraffin candles burn.  Have you opened the lid of a candle at a store and had a overwhelming experience?  That is why we these candles have a subtle amount of pure essential oils which are not overpowering, even in a smaller room.