Holiday Bundle – Wildharvested


Every product in this holiday bundle is made with wildharvested ingredients and made off-grid in Canada’s northern wilderness! It includes a package of Chaga tea, an Artic Rose, Lavender & Cranberry Beeswax Candle and a natural lip balm. This gift set comes packaged in a kraft paper box with kraft crinkle paper.

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Chaga Tea – The appealing light vanilla flavour and nutty aroma of wild Chaga tea will help you clear your head and harness that extra energy you need to finish a hectic day (without the caffeine!). This wild fungi can also be blended with other teas, beverages or enjoyed chilled on a hot day. The renowned Wild Chaga Fungi is becoming popular in North America as a super-food. The wild chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) used in these teas are ethically hand harvested in Canada’s North and the teas are manufactured using solar energy. Contains 100 gm.

Wildharvested Lip Balm – Treat your lips to these all natural lip balms handcrafted using wild herbs and blossoms from Canada’s Northern wilderness. These lip balms come in a tin and are manufactured ‘off the grid’ using solar energy. Varieties available: Wild Labrador Tea & Organic Rosemary (Grown by Laughing Lichen), Wild Fireweed & Organic Aloe Vera (grown by Laughing Lichen), Wild Dandelion & Organic Lemon, and Wild Seaweed &  Wild Mint.

Beeswax Candle – Premium 8 oz beeswax candle infused with wild Arctic rose petals and hips + wild cranberries from the Northwest Territories. Steam distilled pure Lavender essential oil adds a final therapeutic aroma for relaxation. These handcrafted beeswax candles are made off-grid at Laughing Lichen’s wilderness facility and contain pure essential oils and wild herbs. Each candle has a Cherry wooden wick sourced from sustainable forest operations in North America. Packaged in a re-usable, recyclable glass jar.