Neroli Serum – Dry and/or Aging Skin


Made in Canada and certified organic. Neroli Facial Moisturizer is a serum for dry & aging skin.

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Made in Canada and Certified Organic. This serum is designed specifically for those with dry skin that may also be damaged and aging. The wide organic extracts used in this formulation contain many revitalizing properties that will help to heal and rejuvenate skin cells, stimulating collagen production and improving skin’s elasticity. The key ingredients used in this serum and its purpose are similar to the Nourish serum, but the Neroli has been formulated to provide heavier moisturizing capabilities

Skin Essence formulates premium organic products that offer the purest and most beneficial results possible. They use certified organic ingredients, cold pressed and unrefined extracts, no preservatives/chemicals/fillers, and use eco-friendly packaging. Their products are fair trade, cruelty free, vegan friendly, non GMO, Gluten Free and made in Canada. 30 ml.


Always make sure the serums are shaken well before applying so that all of the key ingredients are present in each application.To ensure deep absorption, massage the serums into the skin thoroughly.

*Tip- After cleansing your skin and before applying the serum, splash your face with cool water. This will help to close your skin’s pores and the moisture on the face will also allow the serum to spread easily and evenly. Water also has a natural capillary action, which will help to pull the vitamins and minerals into your skin, leaving a healthy glow! (Each serum takes about 5 minutes to fully absorb.)