Organic Chaga Chocolate


Wild Organic Chaga Chocolate! A gourmet powdered mix of Wild Chaga, organic fair-trade cocoa, organic cane sugar , and organic vanilla beans. Brew this up and serve it as a hot or iced Chaga Chocolate drink. For all you mocha lovers out there add a shot of espresso and voila! One 250 gram package contains enough mix for ten delicious servings. Chagalicious! This Wild Organic Chaga Chocolate mix can also be added to baking recipes such as brownies, cakes, muffins and more. Laughing Lichen operates their facility 100% off-grid in the sub-arctic wilderness using solar energy. Their products are carefully crafted in small batches using hand-foraged wild herbs, berries, lichens and fungi. They respectfully acknowledge that Laughing Lichens business is located on Chief Drygeese Territory in the Akaitcho region, the traditional territory of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

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Wild Chaga is a slow growing wild fungi/mushroom that grows on living birch trees. These elusive wild fungi are often referred to as “king of the forest” or “mushroom of immortality” referring to chaga’s many health benefiting properties. Chaga is said to be the second highest anti-oxidant in the world.

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