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NEW! A shampoo bar is a natural alternative to chemically laden, plastic packaged, commercial shampoo. This handcrafted bar is made with 100% biodegradable ingredients like coconut oil, shea buter, castor oil, soy bean oil and scented with essential oils. There are no added parabens or sulfates. These bars are 110g/4 oz and made in Ontario, Canada.

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Ingredients: saponified coconut, olive, shea butter, castor & soy oils, pine & cedarwood essential oils.

Note: If you are using a natural shampoo bar for the first time there is a  ‘transition period’. This period can last anything from a few days to a few weeks (depending on how often you wash your hair, what the water is like in your area and what other products you may be using on your hair). Although this can be frustrating, it’s perfectly normal to experience this while your hair adjusts to natural shampoo and the residue left behind from the chemical shampoos dissipates and the natural oils balance out.You will find that once your hair and scalp adjust your hair will feel soft and clean.